Friday, January 9, 2015

Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

Happy New Year!

We are thankful that we could spend the holidays with my family in the Bahamas on a little island called Green Turtle Cay. It's only accessible by boat and most people get around on golf carts.

We live on an island here in the Dominican Republic but it's nothing like this island. In Green Turtle Cay there are only about five hundred people and no natural fresh water. There are only a few shops and groceries are very expensive. It was relaxing though! We enjoyed boating, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, and more!

Turtle watching was my favourite. I stayed away from the sharks.

We also enjoyed lots of time playing and snuggling with cousins.

and a New Year's Parade called Junkanoo.

The kids especially loved Sunday School and couldn't wait to go back.

Thank you, Mom and Dad! It was a great trip!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Just missing one brother and sister-in-law
We love our little actors!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David 
a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Marcie and family

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Working in the Library

Hello again!

This fall has brought a lot of changes for me since I've gone back to school with the kids to teach in the library. It's been fun but busy and challenging!

Flag lowering at the end of the day

We've been having a contest in the library to see which class can read silently for the longest amount of time. It is not an easy task since they are very loud by nature and love to talk to each other. Here are the winners! They were the first class to make it to the goal of reading silently for twenty minutes. Now they're listening to books on tape, reading with buddies, and improving their writing. 

Third grade students with new book donations 

It's been encouraging to see kids having fun reading especially since many of them come from homes where parents are illiterate or have very low levels of education. Even ones who told me that reading was boring are finding books that they can enjoy.

They love reading!

This group is actually reading!

Loud fourth Graders caught reading quietly

In a few weeks, a teacher will return from maternity leave and I'll have less responsibilities in the library. I still plan to help out though. I just love seeing kids learning to love to read!

Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who are celebrating it this week!

Marcie Cooper

ABBA Canada: We're so thankful for their grant!


I have more to write about what we've been up to lately but here's a link to our first blog post for ABBA Canada. We are so thankful that they granted us $3000 toward our adoption expenses!

ABBA Canada Blog

Picture to come!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Photo Day: A Sneak Peak at Cute Kids


When picture day comes around every year at ANIJA, students are given a "día de colores"or "colour day" where they can leave their uniforms behind and wear whatever they like. They come dressed in their best. In many cases, the pictures we take are the only ones they have to hang in their humble homes. Here is a sneak peak at some of our cuties. Can't you see glints of mischief some of those eyes?




I'm sure that I've mentioned it before, but we always have children that need sponsors. Please contact the Kids Alive Canadian office or US office if you're interested.

Thanks for praying for us as we work with kids like these!

Marcie Cooper

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adoption: How long will the wait be?


It seems like every time I see someone that I haven't seen for a while they ask, "How are things going with the adoption?" The short answer is, "Still slow." We updated our police clearances while we were in Canada this summer (since our province now requires them yearly) but that doesn't really have any impact on our wait time. 

The longer and more complicated answer is that we're 48 "days" out. Our file was logged into the system in China on January 29, 2007. They (people in China) have currently processed files up to December 12, 2006. Forty-eight days' difference. That doesn't sound too far off but, considering that they processed less than 35 days' worth of files in all of 2013, it will still take a while. That's an average of almost three days per month. This year started off at a faster pace but seems to have slowed down again. So my best guess right now is to expect a referral sometime next fall. But you never know what might happen. I'm praying that we can travel to China before all of our paperwork expires again (the beginning of 2016.)

Thanks for asking and for praying for us!

Marcie Cooper

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School


It's hard to believe that we're back to school already. Even this little guy is going!

He didn't like the snack the first day (rice pudding) and the second day said, "I never want to go to school ever again!" On Friday he was thrilled with the crackers and juice. Hopefully he won't complain about going back on Monday. He's been really stubborn about learning Spanish so doesn't understand or speak very much. Hopefully four hours a day will change that quickly.

The report from the first day of grade 1 was, "Only one boy hit" and on the second day, "No kids hit." Yes, we work with at-risk kids. Please pray for their discipline and self-control.

Grade 5 with a male teacher seems to be a success. We get glowing reports daily. Thanks for your prayers as we've been starting another school year with Kids Alive here in the Dominican Republic!

Marcie Cooper