Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

I just had to make pie!

Maybe I'm just procrastinating instead of working on my paper for Dynamics of Biblical Change, a course I'm taking through CCEF. It's an amazing course, by the way. I'll get back to work after sharing a pi story with you…

When I was a teacher in Toronto, there was a little boy in my Junior Kindergarten class who had recently arrived from China and spoke hardly any English. It was his first time at the painting easel and he didn't seem to know what to paint. I tried to explain to him that he could paint whatever he wanted and left to work with other students. When I looked back he had painted huge colourful numbers: 3.141592653...I can't remember exactly where he stopped but he filled the page. He knew pi to more digits than I did! I wish I would have taken a picture. Apparently his grandfather worked with him for long hours in the public library. If he knew pi at four, I wonder what he is up to now that he is eleven.

Whether you are celebrating pi day or not, I hope you have a great week-end!

Marcie Cooper

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dominican Independence and Culture: Part 3

Hello again!

Here are a few final pictures from the preschool/kindergarten fair last week. They're a bit random but show some popular aspects of the current culture.

The staple food--rice and beans:
It's tempting to put little hands in those dishes!
The Tourist Zone (a couple of hours away from us):
At the beach
(They probably have never been there in real life)
The Botanical Zone:
National bird: Cigua Paloma
National Flower: Mahogany

We can't forget the national sport, baseball!

Ready to play
Paul actually spent part of Independence Day playing baseball in an Ark vs. ANIJA staff game. He also went to watch the ANIJA boys team play in the Copa Coca Cola soccer tournament. Our guys love soccer even more than baseball here!

I hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse into the Dominican culture over the past few days. Here are links to the first two parts in case you missed them.

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