Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's a Boy!


We were very excited this week to meet our newest little Dominican friend. In my last post, I promised to post pictures when he arrived. Here they are!

So alert at less than a day old!
Too cute to resist holding!
Proud Papa
Excited big sister
Sister, cousins, and friends
It was hard not to steal him!
Anyone who has met this family knows what special people they are. Alida grew up in our ministry and is now the Administrative Director at our school. Alberto (a.k.a. Chucho) is our Phys Ed teacher, soccer coach, and amazing mentor to kids from elementary school through university. Their daughter is every little girl's best friend, including ours. She will be a wonderful big sister and is already trying to teach baby A (named after his father) how to read.

I have to show you another baby too who just happened to visit the hospital while we were there.

Little cutie!
Her mom, Nany, also grew up in our program and is now one of our employees. She's on maternity leave right now although her three months are almost up. She's a great person to have on campus with her dynamic personality and genuine care for students' health and teeth. We have so many great staff members!

There are more cute babies around but I'll have to save some pictures for another day. I could just look at them forever....

Marcie Cooper

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Shower


I have not been on top of things since I've had sick kids, a sick husband, and a cut finger.  Fortunately, most of us have now recovered. I have often thought about blogging about different experiences we have had over the past few weeks but haven't had enough energy to sit down and type. Tonight, we hosted a baby shower at our house and it was too fun too pass up writing about.

First, the house had to be decorated with balloons and baby clothes.

Then, guest arrived and the games began (around an hour late, I might add, but that's to be expected.)

ANIJA staff and volunteers
You cannot have a baby shower without the bottle-drinking competition!
And the winner is...
There was food, more games and, of course, cake and gifts.

Less than two weeks to go!
Men aren't really allowed but the Dad usually comes too :)
It always amazes me how much more the games are emphasized than the gifts here. Gifts are almost an afterthought and many times I've seen people leave before they are opened. Once cake is served, it is time to go.

Although I hardly sat down, we all had fun and enjoyed celebrating the new life soon to be born.

I'll have to share pictures of him once he arrives for those of you out there who are baby lovers (or Chucho and Alida fans.)


Marcie Cooper

P.S. One other interesting thought about baby showers...they have them no matter what baby it is, not just the first. They don't save things from one child to the next but give what they don't need to friends and family. Their generosity often amazes me!