Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dominican Independence and Culture: Part 2


Here are some more pictures from the fair that our preschool and kindergarten students put on for Independence Day. These once take us back to the time of the Taínos, the indigenous people who were here long before the Spanish arrived on the island in 1492.

"First Inhabitants"
Casabe bread made from yuca (cassava)
Honey and root vegetables still popular today
Commonly used mortar and pestle
Taíno costumes
Visiting third graders
The Taínos eventually died out but remnants of their art and culture remain. Tourist areas are filled with paintings like these that copy their drawings.

Part 3 of the Independence Day fair will be coming on Monday. 
Have a great week-end!


Friday, February 27, 2015

Dominican Independence and Culture: Part 1

Hello and Happy Dominican Independence Day!

Today is the 27th of February and the day that Dominicans celebrate their independence from Haitian rule. Our preschool and kindergarten classes put on a fair this week in celebration of the holiday. Check out the Founding Fathers:

Our Duarte, Sánchez and Mella
Do they look like the originals?
Juan Pablo Duarte (top)
Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (bottom left)
and Matías Ramón Mella (bottom Right)
Some little girls dressed up in traditional costumes and other kids played popular instruments.

Gr. 6 student playing the drum
Gr. 3 student helping on the güira
Drums are fun!
I can play a maraca!
Other classes came to tour the displays, hear the music, and watch a short video.  My little JK said it was the best day of school ever!

Watching a cultural video
Playing with Dominican Pesos
There was much more to see but I'll save it for next time. Stop by later or sign up on the right to receive future posts by e-mail.

Enjoy your day!