Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!


!Feliz dia del amor y la amistad! Translated from Spanish that means, "Happy day of love and friendship!" Isn't that a good way to explain Valentine's Day?

Kids at our school were allowed to wear different coloured clothes instead of their uniforms. A lot of them chose red. Some classes made hearts to pin on their shirts with words about love and friendship. My daughter's class read a story about a family who chose love over money and happiness and, in the end, got all three.

The flower stands on the sides of the streets in town were much bigger than usual. They were also selling strawberries which are in season right now. They are my favourite! I didn't see any Valentine cards but we don't usually see cards here for any occasion. I've heard that we have some coming in the mail from family in Canada but, since we only get mail once very two weeks, they have not arrived yet.

Valentine cards or not, I hope that you've enjoyed celebrating love and friendship today.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Marcie Cooper

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