Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Robbed Again

Dear Friends,

I know that I told you that I would write an "answered prayers" message and, I promise, it will come. As you head to bed tonight though, I would like to ask you for your prayers.

Last night, at 3:00 am, I woke up to strange noises and a loud popping sound. Paul went to the living room to look around and noticed that our security camera was stolen out of its base. He also notice a pickaxe on the porch railing but, after bringing me the broken camera, noticed that the pickaxe was gone. We could not get back to sleep. I am a natural worrier and kept thinking that the thief would return. We were also trying to figure out what he was after (we think motorcycles) and were mad at ourselves because the camera was not actually working at the time so we have no recording to show for it. 

Just before going to bed I read 1 Peter 4:12-19 which talks about not being surprised when we face trials. I have also been doing a Bible study on Nehemiah and have been looking at how he faced opposition when rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. We are here sharing Jesus and bringing hope to kids. It is not surprising that we have been robbed multiple times even though our house is the smallest on the block. Yes, it might have to do with the colour of our skin and assumption that we have money. But it could also be that Satan does not want us here doing God's work.

Please pray for our safety and protection. Pray for peace and a good night's sleep without worry. And pray that the work here would make a difference and that children's lives would be changed.

Thank you!


Marcie Cooper

Update 11/07/12: We slept well and our landlords are going to make our fence higher. We are also looking into other ways to increase our home's security. Thanks again for your prayers!

See Building up treasures in heaven to read about one of the other times we were robbed. 

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