Monday, January 27, 2014



There are some days when it's difficult to live in another country. It can be tough to work in a different language and culture, not to find what we're looking for at the grocery store, and to answer questions like "Why can't we see snow?" and "When can we go to Grandma and Grandpa's house?"

But there are lots of times when we feel spoiled. We live in a beautiful place and get to work with wonderful people. And, within a few hours, we can drive to a beautiful beach like this one where we went over the holidays. Its name, Playa Bonita, actually means "beautiful beach."

It was gorgeous!

And fun for the kids. I'm not sure what they enjoyed more--swimming in the ocean…

…or digging in the sand.

This little guy was amazed at a tree growing out of the rocks.

And this one's highlight was standing up on the surfboard!

Although we were eaten alive by mosquitoes, it was a trip that we won't soon forget!

We are blessed!

Marcie Cooper

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