Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Director's Retreat


When Paul took on the role of Director of ANIJA, he wondered how hard it could be. He would oversee directors of academics, administration, sponsorship and spiritual life. People were already in place running the bakery, AWANA, a homework program, and a youth club. No problem, right?

An ANIJA student at work
In reality, Paul is a school principal and more. Most of our three hundred plus students come from difficult backgrounds and living situations. Some of them really know how to cause trouble! The school is still growing and, the year after next, we'll have two classes per grade up to Grade 8. Paul has put a whole manual of policies and procedures into place and is still working on improving practices. With the help of the other directors, he manages over fifty staff. He also has to prepare for teams that come to help with construction and other projects. There's always something going on! It's a great ministry to be part of but it's also nice to take a break.

Last week-end, we went on a retreat for Kids Alive directors of schools, care centres, and children's homes here in the Dominican Republic. A few of them were missionaries like us but most were Dominicans. It was a great group of people!  

I was having camera trouble but managed to get a few pictures during free time. The slackline was my boys' favourite!

Now we're wrapping up the school year with just two more weeks of classes and then exams. Even Grade 1 students write exams! New sponsor students have been chosen for the fall and teachers will soon need to be placed. There are always challenges for directors! Please pray for Paul as he leads ANIJA and for our other site directors around the island. They have big jobs but also big rewards as we see children's lives changed.

Thank you!

Marcie Cooper

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