Sunday, September 9, 2012



My lack of writing lately is all due to one thing--homeschool! These two go to school in Spanish in the mornings but do homeschool with me in the afternoons.

They are as different as night and day. 

She is creative with an huge imagination that takes her far away from the tasks in front of her. She loves to learn about the world and has improved in reading but is still scared to write because she doesn't want to make mistakes. I can't fit everything in that I want to teach her.

He wants to get started as soon as he gets home and do everything in his bins and more. He is having fun with numbers in ways that his sister never did because she was too busy making objects talk to each other. I am already looking for more things to do with him and he only started homeschool three weeks ago. Kindergarten math suggestions anyone? 

I feel like I am more prepared for homeschool this year than ever before but am still finding it challenging and time-consuming. Their best hours of the day have already been spent at school from 7:30am to 12:30pm. They are learning Spanish and building friendships but I don't want their English to suffer. I'm going to try to keep them home on alternating Fridays to have some individual time with them but I'm still not sure if that will give us the right balance between school and homeschool.

Please pray for God's wisdom as we try to give our little missionary kids the best education we can while also keeping them involved in the culture we are in.

Thank you!

Marcie Cooper

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  1. Hey Marcie! I will mail you some math workbooks I bought for Jaida a few years ago! She was such a sponge! Always making things, she is so crafty! 16 hours a week of gymnastics, cross country at school, and she is in French immersion! Was reading and writing stories before she started school! Marek starts JK tomorrow also in fr immersion, but doesn't even know how to hold a crayon let alone write his name or count to 10! He is more interested in hotwheels and lego's! I was worried for a while and comparing him to Jaida! Not worried anymore he is a smart kid and so excited to get on the
    Bus tomorrow!