Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simple Sunday School


Our little church has a big heart for kids. There is a van that picks them up for for church and AWANA and there are teachers that want them to learn about the Lord. The older kids have Bible lessons every Sunday and I am excited that now the little ones do too.

Several months ago, I started helping out with the nursery which actually went up to age four. There was a schedule but no one ever followed it because workers weren't consistent. I was hardly even in there on my actual turn because I had been in there the previous week when the helper did not show up. So I came up with a new plan. I made a list of names of people willing to help and a blank schedule for each Sunday. Then I wrote in the names of people who ACTUALLY helped each Sunday so I could keep track and not ask the same person two weeks in a row. It seems to be working although attendance is down and workers are not always present (or are helping with the older kids.) While I love teaching little ones, I sometimes find it tiring after being with my own all the time. Please pray for growth and consistent attendance among our workers. And kids! Most weeks there are five or six kids but sometimes there can be ten or twelve. Most of them are three or four years old and I found that most "teachers" were just letting them play the whole time. I felt like they needed more.

I love The Beginner's Bible and have been reading it daily with one of my children or another since our daughter was a toddler. I found it in Spanish (La Biblia Para Principiantes) and began reading a story to the children each Sunday. It was easy to find colouring pages to go with the stories (e.g., or and all I had to do was pass it off to whoever was teaching that week. That has become my simple Sunday School.

Please pray that the children would learn to love the Bible and that their parents would also come to church and learn about Jesus.

Thank you!

Marcie Cooper

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