Monday, February 4, 2013



I'm finding blogging (and actually accomplishing much of anything these days) difficult with a two year old who isn't ready to lose his afternoon nap but doesn't really want to go to bed at night. Eventually this tends to happen:

We're working on him but I really wanted to show you the strawberries I got today. Did you know that strawberries grow in the Dominican Republic? Some of our friends went farther up the mountain to where they are grown and are half the price of what we pay here. I couldn't resist having them pick some up for me. 


I disinfected them like we do with all of our fruits and vegetables here because of impure water and parasites. For a while, I was using bleach but then I discovered "the blue bottle" which still smells like bleach but makes me think it's a bit less toxic since that's its intended purpose.

Strawberries are my favourite! I had lots of plans for them but they are disappearing too fast. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

What is your favourite thing to do with strawberries?

Marcie Cooper

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