Friday, September 20, 2013

Running Water


We went less than twenty-four hours without running water in our house. I misunderstood the man fixing our water tank and did not realize that we were only using the water in our tinaco (a plastic tank on our roof that uses gravity to give us water when there is no electricity.) I kept doing laundry and completely drained it.

We had jugs of drinking water which I used to wash dishes. Our cistern was full so we carried buckets of water from the backyard into the house to flush toilets and take baths. I even heated it on the stove so it wouldn't be cold. Still, I was frustrated!

Then I started thinking about all of the people in this country and around the world that do not have running water in their homes. At all! Not just for less than a day! People bathe in the river all the time. They do their laundry there. They carry buckets up hills and into their homes. And we complain when we're inconvenienced for a short time.

I'm thankful for the reminder of how blessed we are...and especially for running water that is now working again in my house!

Marcie Cooper

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