Sunday, November 3, 2013

School Photos


I just have to show you some pictures of the kids from our school.

Every year Paul sets up our camera in the school office to take pictures of all of the students. They have "Dia de Colores" or "Colour day" where they can wear whatever they like instead of their regular uniforms. They come dressed in their very best! 


I love looking through them and choosing the best picture of each child. I label them by name, sort them by classes, and send them off to be printed so the kids have copies to take them home to their families. Next, they'll go to our sponsorship people who will use them for projects that go to sponsors in the United States and Canada. 

(If you'd like become a child sponsor click here for Canada or here for the United States
We also have gift catalogues for Christmas: Canadian and American.)

It is often challenging, but we love working with these kids!

Marcie Cooper

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