Monday, August 4, 2014

MK Hugs

Photo by Mary Milec

A quick hug and I’m off on a new adventure. 
I can’t wait to get on the plane.
I wave good-bye, follow Daddy’s lead, 
Then walk through a funny machine.

The plane ride is long and new people await 
To greet with a hug or a kiss.
Don’t know who they are so I’ll hide if I can 
And hope and pray I’ll get missed.

Two years have gone by and I’m going to visit 
A place that I sometimes remember.
I hug my friends but promise that I 
Will be back soon enough next September.

It’s Grandma and Grandpa! I’m happy to see them 
And run to them fast as I can.
I see them on Skype but it’s just not the same 
To put arms all around a computer.

Who’s this strange person who wants a hug 
And remembers me from being little?
I’m not quite sure but maybe can manage 
To hug them just a little.

Time to go again and I’m happy and sad 
For soon I’ll give hugs to my friends;
But aunts and uncles must stay behind 
And cousins just don’t understand.

I’m back for a while and settling in 
When another MK has to leave. 
I’m holding her tight while her mom says, “Time’s up.” 
Don’t know if I’ll see her again.

The cycle continues. I go back and forth 
Between hugs of hellos and good-byes.
I’m hugging much longer though Mom says, “Let go.” 
I now know much more about time.

I have friends in two places and relatives scattered 
To love, and to hug when I can.
Reunions are joyous so travel I must 
Though it’s hard to leave loved ones again.

So if you’re hugged tighter and longer than normal, 
Just squeeze me a little bit more.
Parting is hard but more hugs will be given 
On the other side of the shore.

Marcie Cooper

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  1. I'm sure this poem strikes a chord with so many missionaries and their families... Nicely put, Marcie.