Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back to School


It's hard to believe that we're back to school already. Even this little guy is going!

He didn't like the snack the first day (rice pudding) and the second day said, "I never want to go to school ever again!" On Friday he was thrilled with the crackers and juice. Hopefully he won't complain about going back on Monday. He's been really stubborn about learning Spanish so doesn't understand or speak very much. Hopefully four hours a day will change that quickly.

The report from the first day of grade 1 was, "Only one boy hit" and on the second day, "No kids hit." Yes, we work with at-risk kids. Please pray for their discipline and self-control.

Grade 5 with a male teacher seems to be a success. We get glowing reports daily. Thanks for your prayers as we've been starting another school year with Kids Alive here in the Dominican Republic!

Marcie Cooper

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