Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adoption: How long will the wait be?


It seems like every time I see someone that I haven't seen for a while they ask, "How are things going with the adoption?" The short answer is, "Still slow." We updated our police clearances while we were in Canada this summer (since our province now requires them yearly) but that doesn't really have any impact on our wait time. 

The longer and more complicated answer is that we're 48 "days" out. Our file was logged into the system in China on January 29, 2007. They (people in China) have currently processed files up to December 12, 2006. Forty-eight days' difference. That doesn't sound too far off but, considering that they processed less than 35 days' worth of files in all of 2013, it will still take a while. That's an average of almost three days per month. This year started off at a faster pace but seems to have slowed down again. So my best guess right now is to expect a referral sometime next fall. But you never know what might happen. I'm praying that we can travel to China before all of our paperwork expires again (the beginning of 2016.)

Thanks for asking and for praying for us!

Marcie Cooper

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