Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day and Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Hello and Happy Father's Day!

I have been trying to write a message about faithfulness for a few weeks but the ideas were just not coming to me. Then I started to think about Father's Day and I knew that the two had to go together. My Dad is a faithful man in so many ways. Here are a few:
- He is faithful to his Detroit sports teams no matter if they win or lose.
- He is faithful in his work at which he has excelled for over thirty-five years.
- He is faithful to his church where he has been a member since I was a baby.
- He is a faithful son and visits my Grandma and cuts her grass regularly.
- He is a faithful husband and, in July, will celebrate forty years of marriage to my Mom.
- He is a faithful father and loves and supports me and my brothers no matter what.
- He is also a faithful, loving, and giving grandfather.

Thank you, Dad, for being such a faithful father. You demonstrate God's faithfulness in so many tangible ways and I appreciate you very much. I love you, Dad!

Love, Marcie

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