Friday, June 1, 2012

Missionary in the Mountains

Hello from high up in the Dominican Republic!

"Mommy! Look! Hills!" It was as if my little boy had never seen them before and at three and a half had just realized that we live in the mountains.

Sometimes I can't believe that I'm really a missionary and this is really where I live. I always loved hearing missionaries speak at church when I was growing up. I thought I wanted to be a missionary but was not sure if I could handle poor living conditions. I remember hearing a couple share about Japan and thinking that it seemed clean. Maybe I could go there. When I was seventeen I went to Europe and Russia with Royal Servants. It was not always clean, especially camping in tents, but I loved it. I went with them to Asia a couple years later and loved that experience too. But when I went to Cambodia when I was in university and saw people living in huts and rocking their babies in hammocks I thought, "I can't believe that I am really here! It is like the missionary stories I have always heard about."

I thought that I might go back to Asia but met my husband who had learned Spanish and, to make a long story short, ended up in the Dominican Republic. There are a lot of missionaries in our town and we have thought about going to another country or city but keep being led to stay here. We do not know what the future will hold but, for now, we are here. We love it (most of the time.)

Whether or not you love where you are right now, God knows where you are and has a plan for you.

Have a great day...wherever you are.

Marcie Cooper

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