Friday, April 6, 2012

GOOD Friday

Good morning this Good Friday morning!

"Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?" was a common question that I was asked as an elementary teacher in Toronto. For most of my students, Easter was just about chocolate, eggs, and the Easter Bunny. There were also some from Muslim families who believed that Jesus was a prophet and did not die on the cross. They didn't celebrate Easter at all. Others were Jehovah's Witnesses who believed that Jesus died but not that He was God. I just met some Jehovah's witnesses yesterday who wanted to invite me to a service celebrating Jesus' death.

Good Friday IS about remembering Jesus' death on the cross. But He IS God, He lived a truly good, perfect life as a man on earth, and He died in our place. Not only that, but he rose again, as we'll celebrate on Sunday. He is good and He is Lord!

Happy Good Friday!

Marcie Cooper

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