Saturday, April 14, 2012



This week we went to Santo Domingo to renew a couple of passports. Dominicans often just refer to Santo Domingo as "La Capital" which you can probably figure out to mean "The Capital." The word looks the same but is pronounced a differently. The i says "ee" and the emphasis is on the last syllable.

We went to the Canadian Embassy and had to go through security twice and leave our cell phones in a tiny locker before we could get in. All of our papers looked fine so we should get new passports in a couple weeks.

There are lots of sites to see in Santo Domingo since it was one of the first cities established in the New World but we'll have to save that for another time.

Right now we have my parents here visiting for a week and it's like Christmas all over again with all of the special things they brought from "home."  I'm enjoying hearing my Mom read some new bedtime stories to the kids in the other room.  They sure do love their Grandparents!

Have a good night!

Marcie Cooper

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