Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Palm Trees


Since yesterday was Palm Sunday, I took my kids out on a palm tree hunt. We found lots of different palm trees so I decided that this will be Palm Week here at Marcie's Messages.

We started in our own front yard and took pictures of our cluster of palm trees. When we first moved in, it was so overgrown that we could hardly see the house!

We don't have any seeds right now but they will form on the yellow branches.

The seeds are green and then turn brown and fall down. Some start to grow into new trees around the base.

Can you see the lines on the trunks? As the trees grow, the lower branches turn brown and fall off, revealing new sections of trunk as they fall.

We found the same kind of trees a couple of blocks from our house. They had filled in along a fence to form a wall of trees in front of the property. We liked to walk in their shade!

Join us again tomorrow for more of our palm tree hunt adventure.

Have a great day!

Marcie Cooper

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