Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grade 1 Graduation


Last week I promised that I would write about first grade graduations. I had heard of preschool graduations and kindergarten graduations in Canada but never first grade graduations. Then, after spending nearly a year in the Dominican Republic, we witnessed this:

Aren't they cute? They are actually from the same class that just graduated from Grade 8 in June. Their sashes say, "Ya sé leer" which means "Now I know how to read." They have come a long way since then and more classes have followed in their footsteps. Most of the pictures below are from this year's ceremony.

Under the gowns, the little girls always wear white dresses.

They take pictures with parents

then parade into the church (yes, my little girl can read in Spanish!)

They take turns demonstrating their reading skills

and then receive their diplomas.

What a fun way to celebrate the accomplishment of learning to read! What do you think? How would it go over where you live?

Have a great day!

Marcie Cooper

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