Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grade 8 Graduation


We are getting used to how graduations go here in the Dominican Republic but you might notice some differences from how they are in Canada or the United States. Take a look at some pictures from the Eighth Grade Graduation last week.

It all began with a band and flags leading the way in a parade.

Graduates (with their chosen parent, sibling, or friend) marched down the street to the church

as the band continued to play before rushing off to another event.

There were speeches and addresses like this one by my husband, Paul, who challenged the group with advice that the apostle Paul gave in 1 Timothy.

Of course, there were awards

and diplomas,

cake and decorations.

We are so proud of our students, especially in a country where many do not achieve this level of academics. Most will go on to attend local high schools and participate our weekly Youth Club. You just might see their faces again in another four years.

And I'll take you back a few years in my next post when I'll share about First Grade Graduations. See you then!

Marcie Cooper

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