Thursday, July 12, 2012

High School Graduation


After the First Grade Graduation and Eighth Grade Graduation it was finally time for the High School Graduation!

Her diploma and certificate for being the top of her class!

Our school does not have a high school but students can continue being sponsored and attend a private high school if they have good grades, attend church regularly, and are part of a Monday night youth club on our campus.  This year, we saw six of our sponsored students graduate. It is quite an accomplishment considering that only 12% of Dominicans complete high school.

The six graduates

(Don't the tassels look like they're on fire?)

It was encouraging to listen to their testimonies and hear their aspirations for the future. They will continue to study with the help of our Advanced Education Initiative and they may even become part of the 1% of the population that graduates from university. Above all, we hope that they will continue to serve God as they go on to a new stage of life.

Doesn't he look ready?

Marcie Cooper

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