Saturday, June 1, 2013

University Graduation

Hi! This afternoon we had the opportunity to attend the University Graduation of a number of our teachers. We have been to First Grade Graduations, Eighth Grade Graduations, and High School Graduations, but this was our first time for a University Graduation. It was a lot like any other graduation except that it rained through the entire ceremony. The tent we were under sprung a leak and left a big wet circle on Paul's shoulder! I wasn't in a good spot to take pictures but here are a couple that turned out:

Doris was our daughter's teacher in Grade 2
Melina (left) taught her in Kindergarten
Jessica (right) taught her this year
Many of our teachers start out as assistants then move into teaching roles while still working on their degrees. The percentage of people who actually attend university here in the Dominican Republic is extremely small and most that we have known have taken classes while working. Only 10-12% graduate from high school, let alone university. We are so proud of our graduates!

Marcie Cooper

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