Thursday, January 26, 2012



We all know that bees like honey, right? Well, I experienced that for myself a couple of days ago while I was baking. I was making granola with honey in it and didn't realize a door had been left open. My little girl saw two bees come in and she left the kitchen to hide in a bedroom. I closed the door, got the bees with a fly swatter, and thought we were done. Then I looked outside and saw a huge swarm of bees gathering around our windows. Fortunately, we have screens. Somehow, however, more got in. I shut all of the glass windows. A few more still got in. I shoved coats under the doors and stuffed paper towels in a few holes we had in the cement wall. Finally, they stopped coming in. They didn't leave our house until the granola was sealed in a container and the dishes were done. My little girl made me promise not to make granola with honey in it again.

Maybe we'll try again if we're in Canada in winter when there are no bees anywhere close by. If you're there, enjoy some honey for us!

Have a great day!

Marcie Cooper

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