Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good-bye Lucy

Dear Friends,

It's been a sad day in our house today since our little budgie, Lucy, died this afternoon. She was fine yesterday and was out of her cage and flying around, perching on cupboards and sitting on shoulders. This morning we found her sitting on the bottom of her cage with her feathers all ruffled out. We weren't sure if she was sick, trying to lay an egg, or was too cold in the night since she was by an open window.
     I've heard, "Mommy, I'm sad," a lot from my little girl. She wants to get another girl budgie but not name her Lucy. Her Daddy wants to train the boy, Freddy, more before getting another one. I never thought I'd like having birds but they've been a lot of fun for our family. We'll miss Lucy.

Marcie Cooper

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