Saturday, January 14, 2012


     It's Saturday. "Mommy," my little girl asked, "Do you know why Saturday is called Saturday?"
     When I told her that I didn't know she said, "I think it's called Saturday because there's no school and people are sadder because they don't get to go school."
     I explained that it had the word "sat" in it, not sad. "Oh," she said, "I thought it had the word sadder in in!" We wondered if people sat and rested on Saturdays. Maybe some people actually like to stay home from school. I'm glad she likes to go but we might have to add some more spelling to our English homeschool!
     Enjoy your Saturday. I hope it's not a "sadderday"!

     Marcie Cooper

P.S. The Roman's named the day after the planet Saturn and that's where we get our English word for Saturday.

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