Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy and Sad

HAPPY New Year!

We're HAPPY that we could spend Christmas and New Year's with family and friends.

We're HAPPY that we could meet a nephew/cousin.

We're HAPPY that we could see a sister/aunt that has been sick.

We're HAPPY that we could see a tiny bit of snow and go skating.

We're HAPPY that we could go shopping for things we can't find where we live.

We're HAPPY that we get to go on an airplane to the Dominican Republic.

We're HAPPY that it's warm there!  We've been cold!

We're SAD that it's warm there. We wish we could see more snow and have more time to skate.

We're SAD that we have to pack everything in a small number of suitcases.

We're SAD that we can't take our friends and family with us. We will miss them.

But we're HAPPY that will see other friends where we're going.

We will be HAPPY and SAD as we leave tomorrow but we know we're right where we're supposed to be, doing just what we're supposed to do, and that makes us HAPPY.

Marcie Cooper

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